Budapest Card

Budapest Card

The Budapest Card is a tourist pass that offers travellers free public transport and discounts for most of the city’s top attractions.

Is the Budapest card worth it?

Compared to other tourist city cards like the Prague Card, which is always worth purchasing, the Budapest Card depends on what type of holiday you wish to organize in Hungary’s capital.

A three-day Budapest Card costs €37 and since it includes a travel card for Budapest’s public transport, you will save up by not having to purchase a 72h travel card that costs approximately €14 (4,150 Ft). Depending on what you plan to visit in Budapest throughout the three days, it can either be worthwhile or not.

If you are planning on visiting several museums, attractions and you wish to eat in the restaurants included in the tourist pass, the card is probably worth purchasing.

Free access and discounts

The Budapest Card offers discounts and free entry to the following attractions:


You can choose the following Budapest Cards: 24h, 48h, 72h, 96h and 120h depending on how long you’re going to stay in Budapest for. The 24h Budapest card costs 22 (US$ 21.60), the 48h card costs 33 (US$ 32.40) and the 72 hour Budapest Card costs 44 (US$ 43.30). If you’re going to be in Budapest for more days, the 96h Budapest Card costs 54 (US$ 53.10) and 120 hours costs 64 (US$ 62.90)

Get Your Card

If you decide to get a card, you can buy one on our website. They'll send it straight to your hotel in Budapest!