Margaret Island

Margaret Island (Margitsziget) is a small island located on the Danube River, between Buda and Pest made into a large park with open meadows to relax and with several attractions to visit.

What to see in Margaret Island?

The island was declared a public open space in 1908, and is 1.6 miles (2.5 km) long and houses various gardens, the ruins of St Margaret’s convent, a tiny charming church, a small zoo with curious animals, a water park and many other attractions.

One of the park’s main sights is an octagonal Water Tower, although currently it is used as a temporary exhibition hall and as an observation deck.  

How to explore the island?

It's difficult to discover by foot since the island is quite big, so we recommend the following ways of exploring this pretty enclave without getting tired:

  • Explore the island on a train: A train ticket costs 800 Ft (US$ 2.30) per person. The trains only run when there are enough people on board.
  • Rent a bicycle: Renting a bicycle is extremely cheap in Margaret Island. One hour is 990 Ft (US$ 2.80), 2 hours is 1,100 Ft (US$ 3.20) and if you hire a bike all day, it costs 2,800 Ft (US$ 8). You can also rent carts, rollerblades, and or other fun ways to get around!
  • Rent an electric car: The park also has four-seat golf carts that you can hire. One hour costs 4.90 Ft (US$ 0).

Our favourite way of exploring this romantic island with friends and family is to rent a bike, which is inexpensive and you can hire for as many hours as you need.  


The Island is extremely lively during the weekends, like the City Park.


Tram: Margitsziget, lines 4 and 6 (Margaret Bridge).
Bus: the line 26 crosses the island.