Taxis in Budapest

Taxis in Budapest

Taxis in Budapest are relatively cheap and a comfortable and quick way of getting around the city. Nevertheless, you should read our useful tips and discover what the average taxi tariffs are, so you're not overcharged.


The taxi tariffs are not standard in Budapest, and each taxi company sets its own fares, but normally, the average tariffs are as follows:

  • Basic fee: 1,000 Ft (US$ 2.70)
  • Price per kilometer: 400 Ft (US$ 1.10)
  • Waiting fee per minute: 60 Ft (US$ 0.20)

If you call for a taxi, the price per kilometer is between 5% and 10% cheaper, since the rates listed above correspond to taxis that are hailed on the street or at a taxi stop.

There are four zones in Budapest. If you take a taxi from Budapest Airport to the city center, the rate will depend on the zone where your accommodation is located, but the average price is between 5,000 Ft (US$ 13.40) and 7,000 Ft (US$ 18.80) 

Note that you'll only have to pay the amount settled at the taxi stand at the Airport, even if the taximeter reads more than the amount established.

Helpful tips

The following are helpful tips that we recommend reading before catching a cab in Budapest:

  • Before getting into a taxi, make sure it's an official cab. The license plate and the top badge must be yellow.
  • Make sure the taximeter is visible and that the taxi driver switches it on as soon as you get in to avoid being swindled. It's also a good idea to always ask for the receipt, in case there are any problems.
  • Taxis are always cheaper if you reserve them by telephone, instead of hailing them on the street. We recommend asking the receptionist at your hotel to book one for you.  

Useful telephone numbers

Here's a list of some of Budapest’s most important taxi company phone numbers:

  • Rádió Taxi: 7 777 777.
  • Fötaxi: 2 222 222.
  • Budapest Taxi: 4 333 333.
  • Taxi 2000: 2 000 000.
  • Tele5 Taxi: 5 555 555