Budapest History Museum

The Budapest History Museum (Budapesti Történeti Múzeum) reflects the city’s history from the Middle Ages to the present day.

It is housed in the Buda Castle, and this is it is also called the Castle Museum, and is divided into four floors: the basement, bottom floor, first floor and second floor.


The Museum’s collection features objects of Hungarian everyday life and recreates certain living spaces and traditional rooms in Hungarian’s traditional culture.  Unfortunately, many of the objects on display only have captions in Hungarian, and it is sometimes difficult to understand what they were used for.

The Museum’s basement is completely different to the rest of the floors. After World War II, the Castle’s corridors and halls were rebuilt and now are open to the public.

The most striking rooms in the Museum include the chapel and the Gothic hall. These rooms date back to when there was an actual castle on this site before the Royal Palace was built.  

Worth discovering the ruins

In our opinion, the collections are not very interesting. Besides, most of the information is only in Hungarian; therefore, we only recommend visiting the museum if you want to discover the basement where the Castle’s ruins are located.


Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm.
Monday: closed.


Adults: 2,000 Ft (US$ 5.60)
EU citizens (aged between 6 and 26 and between 62 and 70): 1,000 Ft (US$ 2.80)
Children less than 6 years old and Seniors over 70: free entry.
Budapest Card: 50% discount.


Funicular Budavári Sikló.
Bus: Dísz tér, lines 16, 16A and 116.