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Top Attractions in Budapest

Budapest is a fascinating city packed with monuments and places to visit. Our list features the most popular things to do and see in Hungary’s capital:

The two most important streets

  • Váci Utca Váci Utca is Budapest’s main thoroughfare, along with Andrássy Avenue. This pedestrian street is full of restaurants, cafés, department stores and souvenir shops.
  • Avenida Andrássy Andrássy Avenue is the most magnificent boulevard in Budapest. It connects Erzsébet Square with Heroes’ Square and is very close to the City Park.

Three landmarks that define Budapest

  • Parlamento de Budapest The Hungarian Parliament, also called Budapest Parliament, is the city’s most emblematic building and one of the most famous in Europe. It is also the third largest assembly in the world, after the Parliament of Romania and the National Congress of Argentina.
  • Castillo de Buda Buda Castle is one of Budapest’s most famous landmarks, along with the Chain Bridge. It offers an impressive view of the city. It is also known as the Royal Palace, since it used to be the Royal Residence.
  • Puente de las Cadenas The Chain Bridge is the oldest bridge in Budapest and is the Danube’s most renowned overpass. It took 20 years to build and was inaugurated in 1849.

Other things to see in Budapest

  • Bastión de los Pescadores The Fishermen’s Bastion is a lookout located on the Castle Hill in Budapest, to the west of the Danube River. It offers a spectacular view of the city.
  • Ópera de Budapest The Hungarian State Opera House, also known as Budapest Opera House, is one of Hungary’s most beautiful buildings. It was constructed between 1875 – 1884.
  • Plaza de los Héroes Heroes' Square is decorated with striking statues that commemorate the leaders of the seven tribes of the Hungarians and other important heads of state.
  • Mercado Central The Great Market Hall in Budapest is the largest and oldest of the five markets founded at the end of the nineteenth century.
  • Ciudadela de Budapest The Citadella is a fortress that sits at the top of Gellért Hill. It offers the best views over the city and is considered one of the best visits in Budapest. It was constructed in 1854 by the Habsburg Monarchy as a fortress.
  • Sinagoga Judía The Great Synagogue of Budapest is the second largest synagogue in the world, after Jerusalem’s synagogue. It is 53 m high and 26 m wide and can seat up to 2,964 people: 1,492 men and 1,472 women.
  • Laberinto del Castillo de Buda The Labyrinth of Buda Castle in Budapest is a cave system with springs, basements, caves and cellars that is 1,200 meters long. It is currently closed, but it was once one of Budapest’s most popular attractions and it has had various usages.  
  • Aquincum Aquincum was a prominent Roman city, discovered at the end of the nineteenth century in Budapest. During the visit, you can walk through its streets, houses, shops and thermal baths.

We recommend complementing these top attractions with the city’s most popular churches, gardens and parks.