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Budapest Public Transport

Budapest’s public transport system is quite efficient. The city has 4 metro lines that run very frequently and are very punctual, as well as urban buses, trams and trolleybuses.

Although Budapest is small enough to discover by foot, if you prefer to take the city's public transport or if you visit the city in winter when it’s extremely cold, you'll get to most of Budapest's top attractions, spas and parks on the metro or on tram no.2.

Main means of transportation

  • Metro de Budapest The Budapest metro has four lines and is quite easy to use. Most top attractions have a metro station very close by.
  • Tranvías en Budapest Budapest has over 40 tram lines that run throughout the historic center. Children usually love this means of transportation and is a great way of discovering the city while you get from one place to another. 
  • Autobuses en Budapest Although there are over 200 urban bus lines that run throughout most of Budapest, you will only need to take the metro or tram to get to most landmarks and museums. 
  • Trolebuses en Budapest The trolleybus network in Budapest is made up of 15 lines, numbered from 70 to 83. Find more about this unusual means of transportation.
  • Funicular de Budapest Inaugurated in 1870, the Budapest Castle Hill Funicular (Budavári Sikló) was the second funicular to be built in Europe. It connects the Chain Bridge with Buda Castle.
  • Tren de cercanías HEV The HÉV suburban trains are the best way to get to the city’s outskirts and nearby towns, like Szentendre.
  • Taxis en Budapest Taxis in Budapest are not very expensive and in certain occasions can be very useful to get from one location to another, especially at nighttime. Discover the Budapest taxi rates and useful tips.

Tariffs and travel cards

Public transport in Budapest is slightly expensive. A one-way ticket is more expensive than in Madrid or Barcelona and is not very flexible.

We have put together useful information on the various types of transport tickets and travel cards in the following article:

More information

For more information, check out Budapest’s official public transport website.

To keep in mind

These are some tips to keep in mind before using Budapest’s public transport system:

Transporte Budapest: Mapa
Detailed map of the public transport and lines 
  • The public transport tickets and travel cards can be used on all means of transportation in Budapest.
  • Always purchase a transport ticket, especially for the metro. Throughout most of the day, there are ticket collectors controlling the passenger’s tickets. Moreover, the inspectors are on the lookout for tourists. Ninety percent of the time you use the metro, you will be asked to present your ticket.
  • You can purchase the transport tickets and travel cards in the airport, in any metro station, tobacconists, news-stands and as a last option, you can get them from the inspectors.
  • Be careful, as some people impersonate the inspectors to trick tourists to give them money. All official ticket collectors have an armband and a photo ID.
  • If you buy a 24-hour, 72-hour or 7-day travel card, make sure the date is written on the pass, otherwise you risk being fined.