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Budapest River Cruise

Discovering Budapest on a Danube river cruise is one of the best activities available in Hungary’s capital. The views of the city’s riverside attractions including the World Heritage sites is breath-taking both during the day and at night.

Scenic cruises

Budapest river cruise
Budapest river cruise

Danube river cruise with lunch
Danube river cruise with lunch

Budapest dinner cruise
Buffet dinner on an evening cruise

There are various companies that organize Danube river cruises. You’ll find pamphlets in most hotels and people selling cruise tickets near the river. Some offer interesting “last-minute” offers.

The most basic cruise experience in Budapest costs approximately 13€ and lasts about an hour. Most cruise companies include a free drink when you hire the boat trip.

Budapest Dinner Cruise

Travelers that would like to surprise their better half during their stay in Budapest can book a Danube river dinner cruise. The prices of the cruises are relatively inexpensive when compared to other cities like Paris, London or New York.

You can book a two-hour dinner cruise for a little over 30€ ($32 or £26) per person in Budapest.

Certain cruises offer live Hungarian music during the cruise and other peculiarities.

The various evening cruises leave at several times, from 7 pm to 8 pm and the late-night cruise leaves at 10 pm.


Another option is to book a day-time cruise that includes a buffet lunch and enjoy a relaxing and tasty lunch with beautiful views over both banks of the city and the impressive Danube river.