Budapest Transport Tickets

Budapest Transport Tickets

Public transport in Budapest is somewhat expensive. A single ticket is pricier than in other European cities like Madrid or Barcelona and is not very flexible.

We recommend getting a travel card if you plan to use any of the city’s main transportation: the Budapest Metro, the tram system or urban buses.

Note that a one-way ticket is only valid for an interrupted ride, so if you want to change metro lines, you should buy a "transfer ticket" before doing so.  

Single ticket 350Ft
10 Journey ticket 3.000Ft
Short section metro ticket 300Ft (up to three stops)
Transfer ticket 530Ft
24-hour travel card 1.650Ft
72-hour travel card  4.150Ft
7-day travel card 4.950Ft

There are many ticket collectors in Budapest’s public transport systems, especially in the metro, so make sure to buy a transport ticket before using any means of transportation. The penalties can be up to 16,000 Ft.

Single tickets or a travel card?

Unless you want to explore Budapest by foot, we recommend purchasing a 24h-travel card, 72-h pass or a 7-day travel card, depending on how long you are in Budapest for, instead of getting a single ticket each time.

These are some of the advantages of buying a travel card instead of one-journey tickets:

  • You won’t waste time buying tickets every time you use the public transport system.
  • You won’t have to remember to validate your ticket.
  • You can use any means of transportation and as many times as you need per day.
  • You'll avoid possible penalty fares.

Another advantage is that you can use your travel pass to get from Budapest Airport to the city center if you buy the travel pass in one of the terminals. 

3-day travel card or the Budapest Card?

If you want to visit several of Budapest’s museums and landmarks or if you’re traveling with children less than 14 years old, we recommend you check out the Budapest Card. It includes free public transport and discounts for most museums, spas and monuments.

Where to buy the transport tickets?

Tickets are available either at the Airport, the various metro stations, tobacconist s, news-stands, and from the transport inspectors.